How can I throw more accurately? – Ventriloquist Famous

August 26, 2020

I use a 3-piece grip.

How do I adjust or change the grip?
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Am I throwing correctly?

Are there any tips I can add to my throwing technique?

Where can I buy a Gator Grip? Why is it a good option for my style?

What should I buy for my throwing style? How can I find the best grip for me?

How do I add some depth to the back of the bat?

What should I do if I make a mistake on my swing?

Do I need a swing-arm? Should I use one?

What does a swing-arm do?

What is an Overhand Grip?

Should I use Gator Grip or Modified Gator Grip?

How much should I use my club arm for?

Is there a better way to balance my body off the bat?

What is a good bat hand?

What are some swing-arm grips?

What is a high leg grip? What does it mean?

What is a low leg grip? Why is it such a good choice?

What’s an overhand grip, or two hands?

What is the difference between “grip and hold” and a grip on a ball?

When should I take my grip off? Should I take my grip off before or before taking the ball?

Where should I put my bat arm?

I can’t make the bat stick, where do I go?

How do I make my bat stick?

How can I make the bat stick?

When should I have my arm on my bat and when should I pull it off?

What is the best way to grip the bat from the front or from the sides?

What are some grips for putting?

What is a swing-arm? What does it do?

What is the best grip for putting?

My glove fits me well, but it’s not tight enough for me. What does that mean, again?

What is a good bat grip? Is it a full grip? Is it a low-medium grip?

How do you go about learning a new grip? What should I do for that?

How to get your club arm off the bat without your thumb sticking out and sticking out on the inside of your wrist?

How do I go about getting my bat arm

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