Did Matt Bennett really voice Rex? – Learn Ventriloquism Dvdsoft

September 29, 2020

Does Matt Bennett actually work that hard? I think not!

You may be interested in the following questions:

What do you know about the origin of the world’s fountains?

How did the world get so dry?

How did it get so wet?

What caused the great ice age?

Is there another “official” explanation?

Where is the Earth’s moon located?

What are the dimensions of the Earth and of the moon? (2/3s to 2/3s)

What are the distances between the continents?

What is magnetic north and why is it so important?

What is the size of our Sun?

Why don’t we see the Sun with a telescope?

I thought Earth was the center of the Universe?

Why would a giant cloud of gas and dust make the Earth cool so slowly?

What is the Earth’s crust?

How does our planet get the magnetic field that it does? (2/3s to 2/3s)

What is the history of our planet?

Why is Earth the only planet in the Solar System in which we have a thick atmosphere?

What is the Earth’s rotation?

How did Earth get its name? What do “earth” and “earthy” mean?

How do people get their names?

What is earth’s gravity? (1 to 5/7)

Why is the earth’s magnetic field different from our own?

What was the first word in our language?

How long is a day on the Moon?

What are the “twenty four hours” of the clock?

Who made the clock? (24 hours)

How was the clock made? (12 hours)

What made the clock? (12 hours)

Who made the clock? (12 hours)

What did the clock read?

Where did the clock read? (12/24 hours)

How did the clock reach the 12th hour?

What happened in the 12th hour to change the clocks?

What happened in the 12th hour to change the clocks?

What happened at 12:00?

Who was the “author of the first clock?”

What happened in the 12th hour? (12.3 to 11.4 hours)

What happened at 12:

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