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September 11, 2020

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It turns out that Rex’s voice was done by a local woman named Sarah Jones, and this photo (above) is of her at a party one evening in 1994, dressed head-to-toe in black. “I just wanted to make sure I got as much attention for her as I could,” said Bennett. So for Matt’s take on Rex, he did the voice alone, just for the short film version of “Reptile Man”:

But did Matt Bennett really play a dog that attacked an eight-year-old boy and left him with a bloody mouth?

Yes, he did.

Bennett is a well-known actor who plays two very different characters in different situations: a dog who makes a shocking request for his owner (and eventually becomes his best friend), and a cat/human hybrid played by Michael Keaton — played by a really young Rex. “Rex is a very different character in a lot of ways. But I also wanted to show Rex as my son,” said Bennett.

Bennett’s son, Owen, played part of Rex; but not as Rex — as an alien.

“I would tell his mom, ‘I love you, daddy, but I don’t know if I can take this,'” Bennett said later of being told that his son was supposed to be playing the dog.

Bennett found out about Owen’s role by reading about in the newspaper of his hometown — but the news was not good. “He got the worst news ever, literally. My son got an injury and couldn’t work the next day. He lost his job.” There was also pressure to keep Rex quiet.

The injury happened after Owen, who was five, made a request the dog should make for him: “He was on a ladder when he accidentally climbed onto his mother’s lap.” Owen, now 15, was not injured, but didn’t want his mother to hear, “Don’t worry, I said it like a human being.”

Bennett said of his son’s reaction: “We felt terrible that he lost his job but at the same time, we just kind of gave up.”

At the beginning of the film, he said: “I’m just a regular guy trying to save the life of a creature that has just attacked an eight-year-old boy.”

But the character Rex in “Reptile Man” wasn’t just an alien on the loose. In 1999, Bennett was featured in

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