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November 22, 2020

When you know your story of a child being killed (or not) can you help, and when you don’t, can you make a difference? Can you help your child and your community get to the bottom of what actually happened (or not) and then help other families, and their children know that you care?

“And it’s not just a small percentage of children that would be impacted. It affects us all.”

(Source: WUSA-TV)

The following is a complete list of the victims found last weekend on the grounds at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Brent Thompson

Brent Thompson was a second grader at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Brent, along with his cousin, Jesse Lewis, came into the school to go to recess. They were playing soccer when a gunman went into the classroom and shot them both.

“One of my cousins and his cousin. … The gunman didn’t get me yet,” Brent recalled to ABC 7. “It was me and Jake, and he didn’t get me. I just went for Jake. It was Jake who started crying and said, ‘Don’t leave me,’ and I just started crying too, but I ran to grab my head. ”

Brent is one of the first three students to be named as one of the Sandy Hook Elementary children found dead with their parents. (Source: WUSA-TV)

Kirsty Gorman

Kirsty Gorman was a senior at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Kirsty, her boyfriend Ryan Murphy , her mother Diane Gorman, and her friend Jessica Gonzalez, came into the school that morning to play football. She got separated from them, and was not found until several hours later.

Kirsty is one of the fifth elementary school students found dead with her parents and their friend Ryan Murphy, a teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary School. (Source: WUSA-TV)

Nicole Brown Simpson

Nicole was a junior at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Nicole was among the first five victims to die at Sandy Hook Elementary, after the shooter began his massacre.

She and her family were shot at a party hosted by her school’s principal, Dawn Hochsprung.

“They are two young beautiful people who had the life of the world in front of them and to have them taken away from us, you know, that just takes your breath away,” her father, Ron

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