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October 18, 2020

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“They’re dating. They’ve got a baby. The baby’s their baby and she’s with Matt,” she says. “(Her manager) Scooter Braun and I have had several dates with Matt and he’s an awesome guy. He’s a guy that wants to be a dad so I hope they hit it off. I’d be shocked if they don’t, but there’s no real announcement at this point!”

Ariana’s ‘The Greatest’

When it comes to musical theatre, Ariana Grande doesn’t hesitate to mix it up

We recently got a chance to ask Ariana Grande her personal opinion on how her band The Dangerous Summer is progressing compared to their debut, 2014’s The Greatest.

“When The Greatest was done I just wanted to go home to my family. But what happens with The Greatest takes its toll on you. If there’s too many great records to make it I will just go home and do the one I want to do.”

For more on The Dangerous Summer, including an exclusive video, check out The Dangerous Summer’s new album, We Are The Damned; and to get updates on upcoming performances, follow Ariana on Twitter @ArianaGrande_

The US-led international coalition carrying out bombing raids on ISIL-held cities in Iraq has been blamed for killing dozens of children in the past week, Amnesty International says.

Amnesty’s report said in total, 59 children were reportedly killed by air raids in Mosul over 14 days, the majority by drones.

“The US has been repeatedly accused of carrying out mass killings without any proof, and there are disturbing signs that many such killings are being carried out using precision-guided munitions which cannot be traced back to them,” said Philip Luther.

He said the latest killings happened between 13 February and 12 March but were ignored by the US and the Iraqi authorities, who gave each air strike an alphanumeric code.

“This leads to the belief that all air strikes must be authorised by the US,” he added.

Many US allies are criticised as a “black hole” for preventing evidence of unlawful killings, and have been held to account for their inaction in the past.

In the past, Amnesty has said the US has been guilty of violating the rights of prisoners by holding them without trial and mistreating their medical conditions.

The US government declined to comment, saying it “maintains the highest possible level of security in Iraq”.

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