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August 29, 2020

I need an editing assistant (AA) to answer questions or provide editing help.

What is a “normal” time for editing a documentary? It’s a question I hear too often. The truth of the matter is most editors work overtime to produce quality footage and have little time to spend editing. Your typical editing day starts when you arrive at work and the most efficient way to make your own edits is by shooting video the morning of the day, uploading it to your computer, creating a timeline and moving your editor through editing tasks.

Is the best way to pay an editor? Most filmmakers and cinematographers are aware of this but many don’t know how to negotiate a good-paying freelance job. My experience suggests this is the easiest to negotiate and is the most likely to get you hired.

How do I find freelance editors in Los Angeles? Find editors in New York, Boston, Vancouver, Philadelphia. You’ll find them in online forums such as the “Wanted” list of freelance editors for New York, Newbury Comics and “Film” where people post their jobs. Or find some of these studios via Craigslist or a Google search. When doing a search, make sure it is an open position and that you are being offered a salary you can afford with your budget and work experience! You’re more likely to get a job with a reputable video production studio when it is open.

Is a freelance editor a good fit for my project? Generally, yes. Some freelance editors are better than others, but it is worth thinking about whether an editor can help you edit your existing film. If your budget allows for the budget, it is great to find an editor whose work matches your budget, otherwise, you’d be better off hiring an editor to edit your existing film.
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Is a freelancer safe within my company? Most companies do not hire freelancers because they may have different sensibilities or standards than your own employees. If a freelancer does not live and work within the scope of your company’s culture, they might be more likely to take advantage of you and make an “aggressif” (work-place infraction) rather than take up a position in a different department. A freelancer will get you more money and work under your own umbrella, but if they are not respectful, they might make an example of themselves. Be aware that freelancers can also be fired as a result of an investigation, so always speak to someone who will help you, rather than a disgruntled employee.

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