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September 26, 2020

What happens if a person says I’m an artist and that you are the artist? That is like asking an engineer where the bread is in a loaf of bread. There’s no way to say, oh, it’s all bread in there so it must be an engineer. It needs to be there. It is an object. It is an object, the object of what it is. We can’t say, oh, she’s an artist. You are an artist. It must be something else.”

Coupled with these principles of respect, and a new way of thinking about communication as a human activity, was a renewed focus on what makes a product or service valuable.

“You’ve got to take these things that you see every day in the world and apply them to the image editing software,” said Moore. “The thing I’m most proud of is to do what I do every day. I get to make photographs for the magazines, I get to make photographs for ads, I get to make photographs for advertising. All these different creative processes, you’re not looking at them as just other creative processes, but as a whole. ‘I’m doing it for something. I’m not looking down on it.’ The creative process must be used for something.”

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“The other thing that [Moore] did that’s kind of unique to him is to take pictures in the context of something we like to think of as the art world.” — Steve Jobs

By 1992, Moore had been at Apple for eight years; it looked like he was going to keep that job for the rest of his life. But it didn’t seem as though another Apple president would emerge to make any new changes. Apple’s new CEO, Ron Johnson, was about to be announced, and he also hadn’t been a great company. He was an old-fashioned management guy who thought he could manage Apple better than Apple. He had a very old-school approach to managing people: He wanted everyone to be a winner.

“If you’ve got one of those jobs, you just have to focus on doing the best job you possibly can,” said Moore. “Your job should be to make sure you’re the most successful person you can be at what you’re doing.”

Johnson was also the guy who made decisions on everything from what products to release, who bought stock, what cameras to buy, the types of ads and promotions to run, and what Apple had to do to survive. Jobs never

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