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November 21, 2020

There is no question that editing is essential to my work. I can’t do my research, report a story or write my novel without having the tools. Editing tools and resources are everywhere and often too expensive to use. I am not ashamed or ashamed of using them.

Where can I get a good quality editor for any kind of writing project?

You can use any of the editing programs I am mentioning here. That is not what I am saying here.

I have had editors and writers tell me that they have never gotten any better. I disagree. I have had editors make a huge impact but I am sure that they will take their work and their expertise to another project. In the mean time, they can make a great impact and help you reach your goals!

What do I pay for an editor?

Let me introduce you to an ideal editor.

Her name is Sue Dannall, she is an indie screenwriter and editor working with big names (and little ones too) in Hollywood. Her work is in many films and is one of my favorites.

She has worked with great filmmakers, directors and screenwriters. She has created her own little piece of art. She can put her pen to paper and produce a good article or a really good piece of creative writing. In addition, she has done what it takes and is a fantastic writer who wants to share her skill with you.

Sue has worked with the following amazing filmmakers and they love her work:

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G.I.Joe: The Rise of Cobra


The Avengers


Men in Black 3


The Incredible Hulk

Thor: The Dark World


Iron Man – The Dark World

Iron Man

Avengers 2


Iron Man in Marvel Cinematic Universe

How does an editors get paid?

Sue gives great tips about how to hire an editor. She is very honest and real and shares the stories of how she got hired and what it meant to her. She is a great resource for finding great editors. Her book The Editors’ Handbook gives great information on how to get the most out of hiring and paying editors and you can download the ebook free and it works on any computer device.

Her book also explains exactly what is, and is not, essential for a good editors job and what sort of stories you can get

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