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November 27, 2020

An editor is a technical editor for the content of a web page, such as one who helps prepare documents and data for display before being sent to users. They can be assigned to a project, and can edit various kinds of documents and data files, including HTML files.

How do I find an editor?

Check the list of editors here.

Do I need to be an editor for every site?

No. Your editing experience should not interfere with the rest of your work on the web. You may edit other users’ sites on your own.

Do I have to be an editor for EVERY webpage?

Most web pages are fairly static. Unless the webpage contains content that requires the editing of text or pictures or other assets, you should be able to edit other pages in less than an hour (if not less than a few minutes) and not worry about needing to be an editor on every particular version of the website you work on. It is often convenient to be able to edit many different things on the same page and to find a way to make the edits without having to wait for the end of the page edit.

Can I work with different editors?

You can work with multiple editors (e.g., two, three, or more), regardless of the number of sites on which you edit. Note also that if you are working as an individual, you can edit documents as easily as the others with a user interface, without having to worry about being an editor on all of the documents on different sites.

Can I edit other sites of other people’s websites?

Yes. Some content management systems (CMS) are even designed to support this kind of collaboration.

Does the web require me to be an editor?

No. The primary goal of the web is creating and promoting content to users, and the content you are creating can come from anywhere. The fact that you get an edit on that website has as much, or more, to do with the users, so having a site where users can do and create content on their own is not a requirement.

What kind of content do I edit?

It depends on the site you work on. Some web pages are simply text files with text. Other pages are web pages with graphics and images. Many pages are linked to from other websites, so the editing experience is an “embedding” experience, with the link pointing to a new, static web page on that new

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