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August 28, 2020

People sometimes mistakenly use a photoshopping app or software to create a ‘photo editor’ for the photo. While not always a bad thing, it can confuse the general public about how the picture was created. Here’s what pros say about editing a photo.

Photo editing app for iPhone and iPad?

The popular software Photoshop is used by all professional photographers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re shooting from your iPhone or on the bus with your digital camera, the pictures will be sharp and clear for all, regardless of whether you’re editing them on the computer or on a phone.

The main advantage of using a photo editing app is that when you use them to look at your pictures, you won’t end up with any edits that only look like ‘fake results’.

If you need more information on how to edit a photo on the fly without getting it wrong, check out this quick article to learn more.

The image below shows a screenshot from a popular photo editing app on my iPad. On this app, a photo was taken with my iPhone 7 Plus (screen resolution 960 x 540). When I took the screenshot, it was on my iPhone 7 Plus (screen resolution 643 x 1215). The images are identical.

What tools do people use to edit photos on the go with phones?

Best PHOTO Editing Software for PC and MAC! - YouTube
While it can be challenging to know exactly what editing software is available to use on the go with a smartphone, it’s always great to have some resources at your disposal so that you can know which apps are good for you before you spend your money or go off to the store for tools to help you edit photos or edit images professionally.

Some tools are good enough for editing photos (you might never use them before):

Incorporating photo manipulation software in your apps will keep you from having to spend money on tools that are better for professionals.

One of the biggest advantages to using apps like Photoshop (and other image editing tools) is that most software doesn’t require you to be in a professional studio or have a large amount of training on how to edit photos.

The photo below shows a photo that I edited, using a program called Photo Editor Pro, which is an app for iPhone and iPad. The photo isn’t as professional or perfect as it could be but it looks better than many of the photos I’ve seen posted on my Facebook page.

What do we do when we edit photos on the go?

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