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September 16, 2020

The use of DNG RAW files in particular is the subject of much debate within the photography industry. DNG files are not just RAW files, but the RAW files are optimized differently. While DNG files are still relatively new, and the majority of photographers only download them, many professionals are already using them and I want to share some tips to help you use them too. DNG vs. RAW (DNG = Decompressed RAW) When you use DNG to edit photos, your images are decompressed a level that is typically higher than what’s stored on most cameras and storage media. This means that you’ll want to use the default settings of the software to make your images look as good as possible, but they’re not required to look perfect. For starters, the quality can be tweaked, especially when it comes to color, which you’ll want to take into account when deciding whether or not to have it set to “Auto” in Photoshop and the other applications you might be using. I have seen images where DNG appears to have a slight greenish tinge, but when you dig a little deeper, it’s clear something went wrong as the tone is actually quite strong. This doesn’t always reflect the real color on your photo though, especially if you took the photo while shooting in a lower ISO (or if the ISO was set on an object that doesn’t have a color filter). This is also true for RAW files. On my Canon 5D Mark II, I see a very sharp image when using RAW files, even at the lowest settings. But I notice a greenish tinge on the bottom half of the image, which means that my camera simply wasn’t able to compress the image as cleanly as it should have. The reason this isn’t apparent when using DNG is because the digital camera creates a separate layer on top of your photo when editing so that it doesn’t become a problem. In this particular case though, the exposure compensation setting is used to make sure the green is more visible (or is less apparent). I should also note that some of the software in the DNG file is designed to “optimize” your original images with a higher contrast, a lighter tone, and the likes. These features are usually included with more expensive photo editing software. What’s the advantage of using these features? While you can still edit your original RAW files, you get better and easier results from DNG. The most obvious is that you’ll still get the same quality as if you were not using the raw
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