What are the three levels of editing? – Picmonkey Editing Tips

August 20, 2020

The level of editing is really more a matter how fast the writer can write an article. At high levels, I’m really interested in getting as much information as possible out of the writer, and to that end, I go the extra mile by adding some narrative twists, personal commentary, and even comments by other writers.

What is The Daily Beast doing as an editorial site? What can readers expect from it?

The Daily Beast is a big project, but it’s not just the content you’ll find on it. We are an aggregator, making it our job to connect articles written by different people on a variety of topics, so readers can explore the world of journalism all around the world. While we have a broad set of ideas for articles — such as what we’re looking for in people, and how we can tell the story of this story — we’ve also built some tools and databases to facilitate the process. We’ve worked with a few other sites and we plan on opening up some of this content to the public soon, so if you’re an editor seeking a project to work on, look no further.

How has your company affected the journalism industry in your opinion?

When I joined Daily Beast, it was as a site that had a good relationship with many established news outlets. I think we’ve been able to foster that relationship a long time ago — but the reality is that the way media is set up is different in that people’s editors are no longer always the gatekeepers who have so much power. The Internet is democratizing the process at a moment where more and more people are able to get together and collaborate — and that is incredibly exciting for journalism.

Are there things that you personally think have helped grow the site that don’t apply to others?

We really do believe in giving our readers access to information in a way that is useful, accessible, and fair to everyone. However, there are limits to what we can do as a site; we know there has been a lot of discussion in the community around other sites that have taken a very similar approach, and we hope we can work closely with other sites to push those boundaries.

What are some of those boundaries?

Our biggest focus is with breaking news: breaking news stories that have a large reach or interest. We don’t try to push that agenda on what we post to The Daily Beast or other sites; that doesn’t mean it won’t be important to readers, but in the same way

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