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September 15, 2020

At the most basic level there is a text file which contains only the text. The file is then loaded by the editor, and the text from the file is displayed in a new window.

At this level, every modification you are going to make has to be done in the textfile – if you change any formatting, you may have to retype it to see where you can change it. You could only modify the text of the line where you saved the file – if you changed a field in the file, you’d have to retype the entire word. In most cases only a few changes to a field will be required, so you are limited to minor changes to make.

The more advanced of editors, such as Gedit, allow you to alter the code from within the text file, which allows you to easily make changes to the data as you need them.

Gedit editing on Linux

Note: This tutorial was originally posted on gedit.org as a guest post, then re-uploaded on their site on this page and hosted on the Ubuntu server. If your site does not have the same link, go back and update your links.

This tutorial is for Linux (and possibly Mac OS X).

To install Gedit, first have the following software up and running on your Linux system:

sudo apt-get install gedit

This will install gedit on your Ubuntu (and hopefully FreeBSD/Linux based) machine.

Next, set up the .geditrc file to be able to specify which editor to run with – this file needs to point to the gedit directory (and the files of that directory). Once you have that set, we can begin:

cd /usr/local/gedit vim -m “grep”, “regexp”, etc.: $HOME/.geditrc

Here you’ll see options for editing .geditrc, eg:

(ignore text files) –ignore text

–output-filter= –output-filter= text -c -p –write –stdout –input-filter= … … –stdin –input-filter= … …

Where filter should be set to the filter you specify.

With all these options in mind, start up gedit with:

gedit -M

This will

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