What are the stages of editing? – Learn Photo Editing Tutorials Painterly Portraits Torrent

October 6, 2020

The more time that goes by, the more you will think in layers. You will begin to focus more on those two things.

What are the phases of editing? One of them is editing the film. That involves all of the techniques from making the film. For a short film, it would be editing the film, but then if you want to make a movie and have a larger run time, you would also start thinking about creating a soundtrack to go with the film.

What’s in your film at the end? You have to look at the film as one thing and not as five parts and that is the point. That has to be very clear.

Are the effects realistic? Yes. This is not an illusion.

If the film were to go to TV, would you use puppets? No, I wouldn’t. I do a lot of puppetry, and I wouldn’t do a puppet show or an animation show.

Would you make another short film? If someone asked me to make it again, I would probably do something like The Great War.

Your favorite film? A lot of documentaries and historical documentaries about people’s lives.

Can you talk about some of the most notable film-makers who were influenced by your short film? There are a lot of guys — most of them have a career in film, but there are some guys like Stanley Kubrick, who wrote several of the documentaries in the list, like Dr. Strangelove or Eyes Wide Shut. I love movies like The French Connection, where they are all about someone being too proud to confront his inner demons.

What are your regrets about working on this short film? I’ve never been in a situation where I couldn’t tell the story. So I can accept regrets from others, but it’s not for me to deal with. I haven’t had this sort of experience so far in all of my years of working on any projects.

Any last words? When you get started on a project, you can be happy, if you’re not sure there is a market for your film. For me, the short story had more power. It was the main point that I worked with the most in the beginning of the project. I didn’t know how big the film could become. It was like being a young person who got invited to the party and has never seen anybody before. But you find out through the process that this is really cool. You start making more projects.


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