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November 3, 2020

It doesn’t matter if your work is a video, a comic, a painting, a screenplay, or a novel. But it can be anything your mind wanders and creates.

I have a personal example of how it works. For a comic I do for a living, I write every morning. Sometimes I have work and then I will write. For more complex things like a novel or a book, I use a service like ebooks. I can access my ebooks and edit them as and when i want.

So what are my edits? It’s pretty simple, they’re all pretty short.

My edits range from 2-8 minutes and I don’t even do them in the same order. But I’ll do my edits in general order, so you can see the whole point.

The next time my mind wanders, I write what I think of it.

So what can you do to edit? When do you edit?

I like to think of editing as a mental exercise. We all have different mindsets, different strengths and weaknesses but most importantly we all have a very strong imagination and a real passion for our work.

We work like this throughout the day and I try to remember to write whenever I feel like it. I try to write every day from the beginning to the end. I’m really good at this.

Some people just work all day as a way to burn off the boredom. There are many ways it works and each has its own pros and cons. It takes practice to get better at it and in the end I’m always amazed how much effortless and effortless your work really has become.

Editors don’t work for a living.

They work because they love their craft and because they want to create meaningful content to share with their peers.

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