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November 4, 2020

Editing has different levels and approaches to a project. It’s all about finding the best way to edit a particular subject; this involves a number of skills related to: editing speed, attention to detail, speed of execution & quality. As a general rule, fast and accurate editing is best.

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When will editing become less important?

It depends on your project. There will still be needs in order to have a project you can tell your story to and understand how a particular subject will be presented on the screen with the most amount of visual detail.

So, for example: a movie will always have to be edited very quickly.

Does editing only have to be a “good” job?

No. If you are able to edit a scene and make it look like you are telling a good story, that is also ok. However, to get that look you need to be fast and accurate; you need to be really attentive to details to make sure you capture every detail you need.

If your editing technique doesn’t result in those things, then it’s not editing – it’s not a good job.

Is all editing done in the editing suite?

Not as long as the project needs it. We often work in a wide selection of media and the editing setup can be different for different types of media.

Does editing cost money?

Yes and no. If a project is big and requires the best quality, it usually costs money. However, if you plan and budget correctly and get the right person, it can be done for a fraction of the cost of a full-featured studio. It varies depending on your work and your skills.

How does the editing suite know when a scene or scene piece is a “good enough” work?

The editing suite creates the timeline: this is the order of shots in sequence. The timeline is based on what you think the viewer will be watching. The timeline will be adjusted and re-calculated in sequence, making sure that we deliver a great film.

What kind of footage are you using?

We tend not to use big reels as we find that for example certain shots need to give a greater depth in shots when switching between different angles (e.g. close-ups etc.). We also think a film will always give an incredible feeling if we give it the best shots.

What tools do you use in your editing suite?

We use Adobe

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