What are different types of editing? – Learn Photo Editing In Mobile In Hindi

September 8, 2020

One of the best ways I ever saw to show a user how the edits should be rendered is by using a template. A template, as defined in section 3.1, is a text-based code block that is used to create a complete edit to one or many items. For me, writing templates makes the editing process easier. When I created the template shown in figure 23-8, it was my way of writing a complete change and for that I think my changes were better. A template can be useful whether the user is using a tablet or a computer or, like me, even a web page.

Figure 23-8 User’s new editing page A user enters a new text box (either a new word, block of text, or text-based block) and clicks a button to create a new template. When they do this, the user is entering the template text block, not the template block. The user then selects that content block and a new template is created (figure 23-9). Figure 23-9 User’s new editing page. As with any text-based program, the text-based code block is edited, not the template. The user selects that content block and a new template is created (figure 23-10). Figure 23-10 User’s new editing page. When the user types the code that they have previously inserted into the text box, they are entering the code that is used to render the entire edit to the current page (figure 23-11). Figure 23-11 User’s new editing page.

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You can use other tools to help you with the HTML editing process. You should be aware of the use of tools during the development phase as well as the selection of them while editing.

3.1.1. Basic markup In addition to markup (including, for example, CSS), a user can add custom tags to HTML. If you don’t already know what the markup for a site is, see the introduction to HTML3 . Markup is a set of rules about how to display content to the user using a text box, with the goal being that only that content is displayed. If you’re using HTML a lot, you may have noticed that you are using a lot of JavaScript; that’s okay. The HTML5 specification allows JavaScript, but for now, we just leave JavaScript out of this chapter. There are a lot of other tools and languages that allow you to set up markup in HTML or to manage markup if you need to: HTML Tools Markup Tools

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