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November 23, 2020

No, the VSCO Cam is available for purchase from our online store. But if you like it a lot, please help us support our development by donating or sharing our work. We appreciate it.

If you go to the grocery store this week, and you search for “mushrooms”…you might want to be a little wary. The grocery aisle appears to have mushroom labels.

“If you find a little bit of mushroom you like, go ahead and eat it,” says Jennifer Kost, professor of pathology and cell biology at the University of Rochester College of Agricultural Sciences. “That’s not how we are using these foods.”

It’s an issue of safety.

According to Kost, the best way to protect your health is to avoid these products with mushroom symbols in them.

Kost’s favorite is the Giant White Mushroom with red letters. In the name of science, I know you get your mushrooms from a lot of different places. The Giant White is found in Asia. It’s actually a species of edible mushroom found in the Americas.

The other product with mushrooms in the name is the “Great Big White.” It is sometimes spelled with the letter G. The Giant White, says Kost, is also found in Asia and the Americas.

“The only way to know is that the food or ingredients that you buy in stores or online,” she says. “Or the company you want to buy the food from. Some of those companies have the same names and the same symbols as the grocery store.”

The Food and Drug Administration’s website has a list of foods with symbols. Kost also says that some other foods are “too risky” to use as the only source of a food. These include cheese that contains rinds and may contain other ingredients, says Kost.

Cannizzaro, Kimberly / **Klockner Community Art Gallery**
In an interview with Healthline, Michael Greger, director of dietary sciences at the Institute of Medicine says companies make foods in many different ways, and there isn’t an official list.

“Companies go to a lot of different ways and they pick the ones that they think will be most profitable for them, or people will buy them first,” says Greger, also a member of the National Academy of Science.

Greger says, “There’s no ‘one’ way to make a drug. There are numerous ways. So in an effort to meet a demand, you go to a variety of ways to make that drug.”

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