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October 3, 2020

While all three work fine from a standalone PC with internet access, as of this writing (November 2014), the free version of the software is not available from Adobe’s server-side website (Lightroom Community). Instead, Lightroom Online is an online viewer that uses web browsers to access the Lightroom online experience, but also works on desktop computers like the ones we’ve shown in the last article. In order to access the full functionality of Lightroom using the Lightroom Online browser and Internet connections, you’ll need to install the Adobe Flash player, as noted in the next section. Adobe Flash Player requires an updated version of Firefox or Apple Safari installed.

Adobe Flash Player is required to use Microsoft Edge in order to view the online Lightroom experience; if you are not sure what version of Flash you need, you can check the installation status on Microsoft’s site. Microsoft Edge is required to allow you to view photos in Lightroom that are not available in Adobe’s website or through the web viewer. Adobe Lightroom is currently being optimized for use inside of Microsoft Edge. If you use internet Explorer, you can see the results of this optimization by installing Adobe Flash player. If you are using Chrome or Safari, you can see the results of Adobe Flash player by installing the Flash player add-on.

Install Adobe Flash Player

If you don’t want to download your own installation of Adobe Flash Player, you can download an up-to-date version from the Adobe website, or download the current Flash Player for Windows and Mac from our sister publication, The Flash Player Team. As the Adobe Flash Player downloads a set of new updates, you’ll need to download (install) those updates before using Lightroom Online.

Download latest Flash Player for Windows and Mac Flash Player for Windows Download

After you have the updated version installed on your computer, navigate to “Settings” on your PC or Mac to launch Lightroom Online. When you first launch Lightroom Online, you won’t be able to create a Lightroom Library, so make sure you have it enabled in the “Create New Library”, “Add Lightroom Library”, and “Edit Library Settings” settings. The settings in this section are used by Lightroom Online to sync photos to your computer — the only part of Lightroom that doesn’t come included with the software. The next step is to sign in to Adobe’s Live Photo Sharing service.

Sign in to Adobe’s Live Photo Sharing (previously Adobe Photographers’ Network)

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