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August 21, 2020

Not really.

Photo practice, editing practice, and...
But a lot of the information on here is helpful and can help with the shopping, and maybe even finding places to eat. I’d love to add to /r/fashion and /r/shopping as well to get it even more comprehensive.

If any links are confusing, I’d like to be told so!

The United States, in its view, is no longer a place of freedom but of totalitarianism, a time when people are afraid to exercise their constitutional rights.

This may seem like a bit of a stretch, especially for American conservatives. After all, in the post-Soviet era many American liberals, including liberals in Russia, see America as a haven for liberal democracy against the authoritarian autocracies of the former Soviet states.

But, the argument goes, American foreign policy should not be read in the same way. The United States is no longer a free, democratic country, but a failed state where citizens are afraid to say the most basic things: “I do” to their government.

This is a troubling vision for a country once lauded here as a beacon of liberty and equality. And when it comes to Russian foreign policy, the U.S. government may be right to worry about the consequences of abandoning liberal notions of democracy abroad as the United States has done over the last few decades.

Why it matters: As a major global player in most geopolitical areas, the United States should not have an ideological conflict with Russia over what it takes to succeed. While America seems to have forgotten its liberal ideals — like tolerance and freedom of expression — Russia may not. For decades Moscow has become more liberal, and many Russians now believe that the United States is more than a little complicit in authoritarianism in the world, too.

In this context, the recent announcement from Moscow that the United States is considering imposing economic sanctions against Russia, perhaps as a result of Western support of Russia’s military aggression in Ukraine, was disturbing. What the United States should be demanding from Russia is that it hold free and fair elections, and hold free elections in its own country, at which time it would be reasonable and likely possible to agree on basic democratic values such as the need to protect civil liberties, freedom of expression and free elections.

Putin’s Russia is not an exception To this end, Russia can provide not just the best possible future for Russians, but for the Russian people themselves. President Vladimir Putin and the Russian people, in fact, are uniquely positioned to take

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