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November 16, 2020

You may be wondering if it’s worth a month or two of writing if you only do a few paragraphs of it. I’d be happy to tell you the answer, but if you’re just now starting to think about writing an article, the answer may not be that simple. In fact, it may be a little trickier to figure out how much editing you really want to do – especially when you come to realize that most articles don’t need as much editing as they used to. But this is a good starting point.

Now, let’s say you want to write a 200-250 word article about a particular topic. Now, you’ve got at minimum 4-5 paragraphs or so to write. Most articles these days, the most common structure is for your main point of the article to be followed by a short list of examples supporting the points you’ve made (in the case of an intro section, this would include some brief examples from people who know something about the topic in question). Then, a bunch of supporting arguments – what else do they have to say about what you’ve presented? Finally, you need some conclusions!

As a rule of thumb, you have to write a full article at least twice, once as a “main body” (in which case you’ve got to be really quick). This allows you to write the bulk of the article once, with the support and conclusions already in your head. In essence, the second piece is more like the introductory section of a book.

You may find that you prefer the “big” format (which is why you’re reading this article, no?) and so are happy to put up with a few paragraphs of the same stuff with occasional “just one more” paragraphs along the way. And on that measure, my editor’s view was pretty much the same. But the second half of the article would include all the supporting arguments on the supporting cases, as well as some other “optional” material that you could add to your article, such as an image, a photo, a quote from the author, a list of links, a summary, an illustration, etc.

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But you may find that you still need a few more paragraphs of your own.

What makes all the difference between the two formats is the length of the article. The best thing to do is just write the article as you intend it to be written. But if you intend to publish it in a publication such as a newsletter, and want to keep it to about 200

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