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August 15, 2020

If you’re using a DSLR but can’t run Photoshop or a video editing software, you could easily use Lightroom to take some of that extra-heavy-duty work. Here is a video with some quick explanations as to how the program can save you hours of work just by switching out the file you’re recording.

There are so many different apps to choose from that it can be hard to figure out whether you should use a software tool or a program that can take your photos and turn them into media. And, once you’ve decided, it can be frustrating to try out a different software once you’ve found something that works better. So if you’ve already decided which program you use, here are our picks for the best ones for Windows 10.
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PhotoDroid is the best photo editor on Windows 10. If you’re a professional working with digital images and want a program you can do everything with, PhotoDroid is the one. If you’re a general user new to photography, PhotoDroid is good, too, but it doesn’t have the ability to handle RAW files or convert digital photos to JPEG images. It does do a better job than other photo apps at saving the image to the network, though.

File Explorer is one of the first great photo editors for Windows 10. It’s very powerful, and the UI is slick and easy to use. There’s a simple camera option which lets you select which camera photo you want to use as the root (or filter) in your composition, then all of the photos in a file will be listed. You can even make your own filters, change image settings, and save the file as a photo instead of a RAW file. You can also do many of the same things with text and metadata, as well.

The good part about File Explorer is that you can easily open and edit RAW files too. It’s also very open and very powerful, so it’s not just photo editor-lite — it’s actually a decent program to use as a general photo editor for Windows 10.

Paint.NET Photo is a photo editing program that lets you create stunning pictures. Its photo editing features aren’t quite as powerful as other photo editors I’ve seen though, which might get in the way of you taking amazing looking photos. Still, this app has a lot of features and you can have pretty much everything set up to your exact liking.

Image Studio has a few special features for photo editor applications. You can use Paint.

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