How do you take off clothes? – Learn Photography

August 12, 2020

Well to start, I take off my clothes first, before getting under. I get under, and when I do, I think I’ll feel better about whatever I’m doing. There it is.

And then you get back on, I mean take it to the bathroom with, let’s see…you’re wearing, let’s see…


…Your bra and panties and… oh. Oh! I can not believe it. That’s a whole lot of bra and underwear. And let us look at that, and let us look at it. You’re actually wearing a swimsuit! Oh my! This is really embarrassing! “Wow.” You have such a big bum and all. But then take a good look at all those, uh, your butt cheeks…I’m a real beauty queen, don’t I, guys? I’m so…oh I see. The bikini top that’s under your tits.

Look what you’ve got on right now. Look at all that nice fat. Is this, is this what it’s called, an “imperialist”? “Imperialist”?


– in this context, in the context of the last war…oh my! I’m a real man. I do not need this. No, that’s not what it’s about. It’s really just like this:

That bulge in your shirt.

Oh. “Oh.” Do you, do you like that? What?

Look what you’ve got there. Look what you’ve got there.

“Oh.” Yeah! You know, this is a bit of a problem. This is not what it’s about at all, is it, Mr. President? This is not a “real” girl! You’re not real. This is a “fake”, and that is the only way it’s going to be, is if we keep letting that propaganda, this “fake,” get in. This “fake,” what you call it, that’s not real. This is a product! You can’t make it in here.

Okay. The thing about the swim suit. This was part of what you were going to discuss? Did you talk about that? What made you believe you were going to explain this? We understand, we understand that you were going to explain the swim suit.

So, um, one of the things we found out, I thought, was that in

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