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September 25, 2020

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It was the first time that the FBI had interviewed a person charged with terrorism, but officials did not know the identity of the suspect.
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A federal courtroom, with metal detectors and reporters present, was jammed with people who had been questioned by federal agents investigating a case that has gripped the country. The questioning was carried out Tuesday during a pretrial hearing for Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, 29, a Tunisian immigrant who prosecutors have linked to nine fatal attacks on Bastille Day, one in Nice and two in Brussels.

The three-hour hearing was the first time that Bouhlel, who spoke little English and did not appear in public, had been interviewed by an FBI agent as he prepares to face terrorism charges in federal court in New Orleans.

Bouhlel’s attorney, David Chesler, said that it was a “waste of everybody’s time,” and that Bouhlel had repeatedly refused to answer investigators’ questions.

President Trump was quick to criticize the way the investigation was conducted.

“We must stop Radical Islamic Terrorism before it is too late. We are not going to let it happen!” Trump tweeted on Wednesday.

Earlier, during a campaign-style rally in Pennsylvania, Trump spoke about how he planned to defeat ISIS, using a phrase widely credited to John F. Kennedy.

But as he went about his stump speech Tuesday, Bouhlel’s name didn’t come up. Trump has yet to issue a statement on the Bouhlel investigation.

Trump’s remarks suggested he doesn’t know many details about the case, or the man behind it. There were initial reports out of Portland of the man being held on suspicion of terrorism-related charges, based on information from the man’s brother. But when a reporter asked Trump if the suspect was connected to any terror groups, the GOP nominee didn’t answer. According to the Portland Press Herald, the suspect had made some “bizarre statements” to his brother during an FBI interview last month.

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