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September 29, 2020

With a mirror. And you, young man, you are the bestest there is in the whole universe. You are the brightest. You are the toughest. YOU ARE THE LIZARD!! -Gumby’s Lizzard

The only person I have ever met who had the balls to wear a shirt like that is a gay woman. That’s how hot she was.

I’m only the second person to play the guitar for one gig and then leave it behind and take it home to wear at least some other time.

I’ve had several girlfriends so far, none as good as this chick.

I’m a huge nerd & gamer, a huge fan of all the new toys that are coming out, the new movie, Star Trek and even Pokemon. I can’t stand women who think they’re smart enough to wear a shirt like that, but I guess I never actually thought of that until today.

I never intended to wear this thing, I just thought it was cute. Maybe she should be a girl or at least wear a skirt. -Youtube Chaps

She wore it because she thinks guys would dig it. Maybe she should be a girl. -YouTube Chaps

I never thought that anything could get this hot, much less a shirt, but I guess this shirt has. It makes anyone look like some geeky, hot girl that just goes on and on about all the games and girls.

I am sorry that my eyes hurt from staring at that shirt. I apologize if you are offended; there is absolutely nothing wrong with seeing a sexy picture of one of your favorite games. All that was in this picture is her head being put in the correct position, not a shirt on her waist, her legs tucked between her legs. I hope that all you dudes are ok with me wearing this shirt. It doesn’t hurt my eyes. -ChloeB.J.

I’m really happy that so many people think the shirt makes her sexy.

Alumni US | Howard University (1983)
I’ve been told that she has an amazing butt.

This is so wrong. I’m completely offended by it. If I put my shirt on, do I get called hot? Do I get called fat? How about a fat man with a hot ass? And is it any of my business? Can she just wear it because of what it means to men to see women in a sexy position? Really??? That’s so wrong.

Maybe I should just quit being a nerd and

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