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September 18, 2020

Lightroom has a huge collection of professional editors and other tools that can help you get started in editing. To get started click this link and make sure your settings are correct. You can then click on “Edit Lightroom” to begin editing.

There are also several different Lightroom templates here, the ones I prefer are the free ones that include basic features, such as crop, rotate, and cropping, and a custom text box to place any text. There’s a lot of custom controls and an entire section dedicated to editing your photos. So you want to go back and check out all the features.

What are the best editors for Lightroom now?

I can speak from experience as I have used multiple editors for my own projects and these are for the ones I would recommend:

Kelsey and I are doing video editing in Lightroom and we use Lightroom for the bulk of our editing. She does a great job with our footage and is great at adding some basic text to the footage, as well as other creative effects.

David F. is the creator of a lightroom photo editor named Lightroom Pro that was reviewed once on Mashable. Not only is it awesome, but he also makes a lot of other awesome tools available to allow you to get started quickly. You can also download free templates from David’s website.

Chris also does a great job of adding any text you want to your footage. I like having his tools so I’ve set them up in my camera too.

Konstantin has also contributed a ton to the community via his Lightroom YouTube channel. In particular, he produces an endless number of videos that you get to watch. His editing skills are beyond amazing as well.

Finally, the one that we all end up using for all of those videos, is the very talented Jonny. He also is on the Lightroom forums. He makes a great deal of extra content available to help you get started with your editing.

Do you have any favorite lightroom editors that we should follow?

I’ll leave up to you to decide which people to recommend. The best ones are the ones you know have already been used hundreds of thousands of times. They’re the ones you know you’ll continue to use and they’re the ones that you’re familiar with. Here’s a few I love.

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Kelsey and I use Lightroom Pro – our editing tool – almost continuously

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