How do I erase a background in Photoshop? – Learn Photo Editing Tutorials Painterly Petals

October 25, 2020

To erase a background in Photoshop, click the Edit menu on a layer in your picture and go to the Image menu. Set the Fill to Color. Move the Fill right and left as you want it. You should now be right next to the background.

To delete a background from a layer and replace it:

You will see a grayed out area that is your new background. Select it, click the erase brush and drop the new layer on top of it. Click the paintbrush, and the new layer will be selected. Click the layer properties, and under layers drop the Background. Click the mask, and set the mask, and it will be the background image. Click on the layer again and make sure you want your new picture as the background.

What background should I use for my web page?

It would be great to have a web page that covers an entire city with a white background. To do that, use a colorized image that is based on a map. This is the easiest way for us to accomplish this task. The easiest method is the black and white photograph on paper, which is available in many bookstores as well as online. When you decide to start colorizing your images, you’ll just need to change the color to something different. The following guide will show you how to create your own colorized images for an entire city with a white background!

Step 1

Open an image in another program such as a word processor.

Step 2

In Photoshop, the process of colorizing is not that difficult, however it will involve a lot of time and effort.

Open an image. If you don’t already have Adobe Photoshop, you can download the software here or download this free tutorial from MacRumors.

Step 3

Now, draw a square at the beginning of the image or create a colorized border around the image (if you are using Photoshop CS2 or higher.)

Step 4

Using a gradient tool, draw lines across the image. Be careful not to make too many of them at one time. I would recommend using the gradient tool for every color you change.

Step 5

Continue to draw the lines. If you do not add any color, like grey, then the line will look like black. If you do add color, like yellow, green or light green, then it will show up more and look like light gray. Once you have the colors of the image

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