How do I edit photos on my phone like a pro? – Learn Photo Editing Online

September 4, 2020

How do I set the screen resolution to 1080p?

How do I create multi-tasking apps?

How do I use Instagram in the new version of Instagram? We use the newest version of the app, version 5.5.1, which is available for Android. Read more

Why are photos uploaded to MyPhotoLibrary private?
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How do I get rid of unwanted files that come on my phone? If you’ve ever lost a photo somewhere on your phone, or if you’re curious about how your phone gets old, you probably know that photos can get stored on your phone in a way you may not be used to. But with the new Google Photos app, you can get rid of those photos that were created in any way. Read More , you’ll be able to uninstall them entirely. And we do mean all of them.

How do I delete all photos or folders when deleting a card from MyPhotoLibrary?

Are there any other ways to delete photos in MyPhotosLibrary?

How do I make certain folders private?

How do I make certain files private (photos, album files, etc)?

For more control over photos, your Android phone has built-in support for folder and file locking.

For example, if you have a set of photos that are stored in one folder on your phone, make that folder private. (The “locked” part means that photos within this folder won’t be visible once you unzip them).

You can also hide, delete, or disable specific categories of photos. This could include albums or photos from a particular event you’ve taken. Or that time you took at a wedding, for example.

This is a great solution for those times when your photos are stored in a folder that you want you to be able to access easily.

How can I make a set of photos private?

To make a specific set of photos private, tap on it, then tap on “Set up the setting to be private”. Make sure to tap on it twice, and select one or more files to hide.

Is there a way to control certain files you have in MyPhotosLibrary?

You can manage certain kinds of files inside your MyMusicLibrary. Tap to open the controls menu. Here you can configure the type of pictures that are shown when downloading music. If you want to limit the size, you can enter a size, then change it later on.

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