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November 1, 2020

Most of the tools that you would find on an online photo editing tool also work in Windows 10. You need to download the latest Image Viewer (see below) to use those tools with the new Windows 10 system. To get started, click on the image in the image gallery, select Edit, then click on the Edit button on the Image Viewer.

If you are using Image Viewer Version 6.6.3, this will also allow you to edit the Image Viewer to use a “Full Resolution Preview” (FFPP). These are the files that you can open directly in Windows 10.

Open your JPEG images in File Explorer and select Image in the right column, then click the menu button in the lower left corner of the Image Viewer and choose Edit.

Once you are there, click or tap any “Preview” or “Show full screen” button and a preview of the image will appear. Click through until you are happy with the image.

To get Image Viewer to use a FFPP, go back to the menu and select Image in the dropdown menus in the right-hand side. You can now choose to display the preview directly in the middle of your work area when you right click your image, or you can choose not to do that so the preview appears in the corner of your screen.

What are the different kinds of JPEG files?

JPG files are compressed versions of files that are normally a compressed or raw image format. JPEGs are generally a bit larger than their uncompressed equivalents and they include more information than uncompressed images. These data characteristics make JPEG useful as a compression format for images.

JPG is a lossless compression format
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JPG is a lossless compression format. Meaning no information (the actual data) is lost when you compress an image. So when you convert an image to JPG for editing or for display, you retain the full image data. For example, an iPhone 4s captures an image at the same resolution that the image in the original image was taken with. In the picture above in the photo gallery, you see a full resolution image of the iPhone 4s. You converted the image and then used it as a JPEG. The file size in the photo gallery is the same.

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Which JPEG is best for editing in Windows 10? How are JPEGs compressed? Are there different types of JPG?

There are two

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