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September 13, 2020

There is no one way to be your own editor. A few things to keep in mind:

Make a plan for who you’ll edit

You’re the editor

As the editor for an article, be open and considerate to all contributors on a given article

You can’t get away with not editing

How can I edit in good faith?

Don’t edit for the sake of editing.

Don’t go from first draft to final draft so you can claim that you “corrected” (and thus added) anything

Don’t go from first draft to editing because “you’re busy” and don’t have time to edit

The best way to contribute to an article that you’re editing (other then “checking it to make sure there’s nothing glaringly stupid there”) is to:

Write and edit the article before it’s published

Have someone edit or add to the article before it’s published (preferably another editor or someone more knowledgeable about the material in question)

Ask for feedback whenever you think something is incorrect

Write up and edit the draft that you sent in, so that it’s a “draft” when it gets reviewed

Don’t worry about getting credit for an existing article until you’ve had at least 30 minutes to review the material.

And then of course:

Don’t edit unless you’re doing something significant

Make sure you’re working on your own article and not on someone’s.

In other words, there are no right or wrong ways to edit, and doing one means you’re doing something valuable.

What’s an error to me?

An error may have any amount of impact on a work, but the most important error is a mistake that can have a disproportionate effect on the article. To learn more about how mistakes affect an article and how to prevent them, see the section on Editing Errors.

Can I be my own editor?

Yes. In fact, in a way it’s helpful.

It’s okay to keep an eye on your own work and edit, but if you come up against some tricky technical problems, it’s probably better to defer to someone who can help with that part.

Your editor’s job is to help you, and the best way to make sure that they do that is to:

Ask questions

If the problem is so egregious that it seems like it can’t be fixed without serious

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