Do professionals use Gimp? – Learn Photo Editing Techniques Lightroom Classic Update

October 10, 2020

Is it the perfect graphic software?

There is no doubt that Gimp is the best and easiest solution for your project of making professional pictures – it works with a lot of graphics on your project.

However, it is very possible that you do not have a good background. Not to say that you should hire a professional (it’s really not that difficult), but at a higher level (such as an industrial designer).

Therefore, the choice is really a trial and error process.

I have had so many artists (in different sectors!) that started in Gimp and ended at Adobe Photoshop. It is really common to have artists who are used to using Gimp, then switch to using Photoshop later.

There should be an equal or better price and more features (such as advanced toolboxes) between those two programs, so the decision should really be in the hands of the designer who thinks about cost/time and is looking for the best solution for the job.

I recommend using Gimp if the artist does not have a good background in Graphic Design. It is still an excellent choice for those who want to learn a craft, as well as a cheaper choice.

Does Gimp require a lot of space in the work machine? Can I transfer images to Gimp from another software?

Gimp can support files much larger than 1MB. However, the size of the files is not the main problem. If all the design and work is done on a single layer, then transferring images to another program like Gimp really is not a problem.

If you are importing images from another program (e.g. Photoshop from its Windows and Mac versions) you have to keep in mind that Photoshop’s layers are fixed, so you cannot resize and translate the size.

So, I suggest that you use Gimp if you need to transfer as many images in a single file as possible.

This will work out cheaper and quicker compared to other solutions from other programs.

I was using Gimp on Linux and couldn’t use it with Photoshop. How can I use Gimp on Linux?

For windows users this is a solution in which Gimp is not present since Microsoft does not provide a way to install or use Gimp on Linux.

Here you need a different tool from the one you would use to use Gimp:

A GIMP plug-in for Mac, PC and even Android for PC

For the Linux users

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