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August 26, 2020

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We do use Photoshop quite a bit on our studio sets, but sometimes people don’t know that they can also use it on a live camera.

What’s your workflow on a shoot?

A lot of times, as we get more production for that particular video we take a little less, but sometimes it’s just about working together and finding ways that really complement each other. I like going to the studio and just sitting and watching the shot, maybe giving notes or taking notes on different angles because sometimes you have to really dig deep into it to create a great shot.

The most challenging thing when you’re on set is always getting away from your phone and actually focusing on something for a second so you can really focus on the moment. You are shooting to a certain extent.

So a lot of photos that you’re showing in The Art of Hero are taken after a while of them being recorded on camera, so why do you think you can still manage such a fast pace, compared to other directors like Nicolas Winding Refn or Tim Burton who have less room for spontaneity?

Well, I’m used to making stuff for the camera, so my style of shooting is about focusing on getting everything on a level that isn’t too high and isn’t too low, so you have a good composition. Of course, I try to maintain as much of a spontaneity I can within the confines of the set.

I’m an avid viewer of online tutorials and YouTube tutorials and trying to get as precise of a look onto the screen as possible. I love to make things look good and have high resolution, bright and contrast elements in my shots. I find it very difficult, with a lot of work like that, to get high resolution, but it’s an important part for me so I want to make everything with that in mind.

When you think about that, does it make the work any less difficult?

If you look back at my work, every time I have a film project it takes two to three months. If I have something like the Art of Hero, which I’ve been working on since 2008, which I’ve been working on on and off for the past decade, I will shoot it right now and I will shoot it in front of my computer the day before and go back to it in the morning and try to find the best look and edit it in the morning.

I do a lot of film work, whether it’s on film cameras

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