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December 2, 2020

Yes! I am a photographer and use Photoshop extensively. My Photoshop preferences are:

• Lightroom 6 (Mac)

• Lightroom 7 (Mac)

• Lightroom 8 (Mac)

• Lightroom 9 (Win)

Most of my other photos were captured using my iPhone. My favorite app is:

• Photoshop Elements (Mac)

• Photoshop Elements Elements (Win)

My most popular photo is the one you see on my website to this date.

Where did the name “Leaves of the Moon” come from? I named the moon the “Leaves of the Moon” because the moon was once a pretty full moon. So it was called a “Moon of the Moon”.

Are you serious? Oh no, I wasn’t kidding. I actually used to be very serious. In college, I was the only freshman who thought “Moon” looked cool! And for the past 11 years, I never changed it. 🙂

What was your first exposure to photography? Growing up on a farm, we would often go in the backyard with my mom and my younger brother. We would hold our camera and wait. It was a big deal. The next day, my mom would take pictures of us “in the back yard” and mail them in to our school. I think it must have been around 1965 or 66.

What photo studio did you learn how to use, and what did you learn that you used later? I started out in the camera department of my uncle’s photography school in his small studio in the basement. My dad brought over a friend to teach me and I moved to my grandparents’ house in West Monroe. My dad rented out his office for his students who were all college-aged.
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Why the name “Leaves of the Moon”? I wanted to make the moon as beautiful as the day itself. That’s why the moon looks like the leaves of the moon.

What was your first commercial photo taken with your camera, and who was your model? Well, I was modeling for American Girl! That turned out to be a big success.

Was it something you found out you liked? Yes and no. Yes, because once I found out “Leaves of the Moon” was the name of the movie, it was perfect. But no, it was not something I found out I liked. However, on a rainy night in Los Angeles during a film shoot, the lights went out

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