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August 13, 2020

Yes, you can edit a few things – like color and blur. There are also some cool tools like “crop” or “enhance.” But what about the feature that lets you add an overlay to an image? There is nothing to be seen on the app – as a developer, that is my task.”

The feature could be worth a look for those who want to enhance photos for Instagram-style sharing. We’ve covered it before.

Photo Editing for Instagram: New iOS 8 features

For one thing, Instagram users who upload photos of themselves will have a new option on the share menu, similar to what Google and Apple add to the share menu when photos are uploaded in the browser. You can either select Instagram’s “Edit” (the app icon), or search for ‘edited.’

We do not publish a history of the first world war available at this site. We believe that doing so would be both unfair to those in it, and would also encourage those who are aware of the true story of that conflict to seek it out online.

The following facts have been confirmed for us (as well as what we already knew):

The German attack was launched from the north of France. It went through the Netherlands and Belgium without encountering any resistance from England, Italy, or Russia. In the days immediately following the attack, the French (with some assistance from the Americans) established a “wall of fire” to keep the German navy out of port. This protected French ports from being bombed by German bombers. A French officer of the rank of admiral wrote to Churchill: “Nothing has shown in the history of our country since the day of our accession to the kingdom of Italy, however many victories we have won, how much the Italian fleet has suffered during these years. I know well that by the end of the war their navy must be reduced to less than half its strength.” (Ibid.) The German attack was launched on 2nd April and ended with the surrender of Germany to the Allies at Dunkirk. The German army had been so weakened by the previous week’s action that the British General Field-Marshal (and War Minister) Field Marshal Trenchard was able to persuade the British General Gomel to agree to let the Germans leave in a day or two. In fact, the German Army was allowed across the border and into Germany, where they did not encounter any resistance. Hitler came into power in September, 1939, with a declaration that “his aims are to make an

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