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September 6, 2020

In many cases, the answer is yes, you can use Photoshop to remove clothing in your photos. But the best thing you can do is use a technique called masking, which is described in detail in this post. You can use a mask to mask certain parts of a photo out, but masks will still leave traces on your images.

Masking is also called photoshopping.

Fotos mit Lightroom auf einem Mobilger├Ąt bearbeiten ...
How do I make my photo look like it took place in a mall?

I know you’re thinking how am I supposed to make my photos look like they’re taken at a mall? Well, that’s up to you. Most of the time, you can use a tripod and take photographs on a sunny day. Or, use a digital SLR camera and take the photos on a cloudy or foggy day. You will probably have photos of you wearing a suit and shoes as opposed to your typical outfit. You will see different things. For example, you may have pictures of you sitting at a coffee shop wearing a t-shirt with a cute, short crop to the front. Or, you may have pictures of you in your t-shirts with your long crop to the back. You’ll see different clothes that you usually wear, but with your crop to the side. You may notice that a few of your photos are similar, such as a pair of jeans, a plaid shirt, or a brown jacket. Or, you may see some interesting patterns, such as a pink shirt on a woman wearing a pink jacket.

If you would like to try photoshopping photos as a way of adding drama, you could use an image editing program called Photoshop to transform your photo into an image that looks more exciting. With the right edits, you can easily make a more interesting image than it otherwise would have been.

I know the last thing I want to know is, “are I doing something wrong?” Well, the short answer is, just about anything can look more interesting with Photoshop as a way of adding some drama. I hope this short guide has cleared things up for some of you. As always, if you have any question about anything you read here, please feel free to ask. Cheers!

What is more, even with a basic understanding of how Photoshop works, you need a lot of training to use Photoshop to create a beautiful and interesting photo. So don’t be shy, ask some of your friends, do some online searches, or go on Pinterest and find a lot of tutorials on

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