Can Photoshop do everything Lightroom can? – Learn Photo Editing Free

November 6, 2020

Yes, and a lot more.

Photoshop doesn’t work in isolation or “as an image processor”. You can’t “tweak” images with Photoshop because it doesn’t “know” any of the details; it doesn’t know “how” to do stuff properly — it doesn’t know what to put where or how to make an image look good.

On the other hand, Lightroom “knows” some of the details of a photo, and can “see” it. Lightroom does a lot more on the inside than Photoshop.

But Lightroom isn’t just about the “processing” of the photos, it’s about the whole process of looking at them. Lightroom is “seeing” the photos. It understands what you are seeing and gives you a lot of information about it. Lightroom “knows” the colors, the contrast, the texture, the detail in lighting and lighting, and even how a person looks from the angle.

So Photoshop cannot do everything about any photograph, but Lightroom can do much more. For example, Lightroom can “take” light and “transform” it into images. As long as Lightroom is “seeing” the light, it can “take” it and “show” it to Photoshop. Photoshop understands the “processing” of the light, and can “see” that in the image, but Lightroom is “not a computer” — it understands the information it is receiving and can “show” it to the viewer.

Lightroom is great at recognizing things in images that you cannot easily see by a human eye. And with Lightroom you can also “process” photo files, as in converting them to a new format that Lightroom can use. And while many people say that a photograph cannot be processed because it is raw and needs to be “cracked”, Lightroom’s “processing” of raw photo files can, in fact, be more than “cracking”: Lightroom can “crack” digital images and convert them to anything you wanted to make (even compressed video/audio).

How do I learn to use Lightroom?

The first thing to know about Lightroom is that it is a powerful image editing tool. This is a powerful tool.

You can create amazing photos in Lightroom. Lightroom can “process” images to give you much more than you could ever achieve with your “eyes alone” — such processing includes:

Processing the images using

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