What’s the easiest song to play on guitar? – Fender Learn Guitar Online

November 4, 2020

Which one was your favorite?

This is hard. This is a great question.

For a variety of reasons, I like that second one I played off the first. It’s really the one I’ve been playing the most lately.

What’s the hardest part to play?

The hardest part to play is, again, the melody. It takes a while to get there, you know?

Are there songs that you really look up to?

Yeah, there are some. I think probably the only songs other than ‘Walk On’ that are good are ‘Good To You’ and ‘Don’t Look Back.’

What do you enjoy most about composing?

What’s good about composing? You have to have the right mood. Some things, you can get away with writing lyrics that are fun, but there have to some songs that are actually really good for piano.

You wrote a lot of your work for ‘Cabaret,’ the group you formed with your mom.

Yeah, actually we wrote most of ‘Cabaret’ first. [laughs] That’s how we became friends with [bassist] Ben Mancuso. He’s not a singer, so he has to put his heart into doing it. The other three people in the band played in ‘Cabaret,’ and then me and Ben. We’ve all just been in it since day one.

When you wrote songs together, did you collaborate or did you just sort of throw ideas together?

Oh absolutely. I don’t really remember most of my writing before, when we’d be driving around listening to some music. As I get older, that becomes more and more common. Writing songs with each other was different. With this, writing with my mom, she’d just go, “Okay, sing those ten bars in, and then sing those four bars in.”

When writing songs, were there any particular lyrics that were challenging to write or any particular song ideas that you wanted to incorporate into the song?

No. I think sometimes when you write a song, the person you’re writing [means] to take something you’re feeling and say it exactly that way. And I would be like, “What the hell is that, and what should it be? Does it need a chorus? Is it a ditty?” “If it’s going to be a ditty, it needs a chorus on it.” Like really, if I’m

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