What song should I learn on guitar? – Learn Guitar Chords Easy Christmas

November 18, 2020

Well, let’s find out.

1. Intro

The intro is what will be remembered in your head. This intro goes very well with all of the chords that we covered in this lesson, and especially so with the second one. It starts like this (at no particular point in the song):

m7 – b5 – C6

Now in the beginning, that is all. The b5 is a major 7th chord – a dominant 7th chord. When you play it, you are playing a major 7th chord, the major 7th chord. So the first thing we’ll notice when we play a b5 chord in the key of G.m7 here, we hear a major 7th on the notes C. and G.m7, not b5. So the idea here is that you’re really just going to learn what is called the tonal center of the key, as though we’re seeing notes C through D in these notes. And when we play a b5 chord, we’re going to be using the tonal center of that chord and not the b5! So if we play C6 on the 5th string, instead of b5, the chord will sound like we are playing C.maj7.

Here is where it becomes a huge thing and can get very complex. First of all, in the above example you can see that the chords are all C. Now we’ll move to the C6 chord. In the key of E, we will be using a C7 to create something that sounds more like a C7 chord. Also, to really bring out some of what the chord is about, you can play this on Eb.

m7 – E – b7 – G

Notice here where the B7 goes. It creates a major 7th like C7. The b7 isn’t played anywhere else in the song, so it’s a super interesting addition if you’re gonna play it somewhere else. You can even put it in one of the voicings from the main body of the song.

So what do we have here? We have two 7th chords. What we want to do is build a new one. That’s where we put the b7. Notice that the G is coming in on the second beat of the beat. So this is the only note that is really changing from C to D to G, and so the new chord is going to be that chord, the G.

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