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September 8, 2020

To me, a guitar is a tool to enhance your ability to do things on a live show, to show all the things you’ve learned along the way. With that being said, I’ve learned it’s about working with it in certain situations to get you really good.

I guess the simplest way to look at it is as a tool to get something done: if you have an hour on a track, go start a song.

To me it’s about being able to have some of that fun on the front porch, and in your garage. The first few years I played for audiences in the car, and it was pretty cool. It was just fun, really.

What happened when you finally became a full time player?

At some point after I moved to LA, a tour manager introduced me to some people who were into playing guitar and we became a duo. So that’s how the band really started.

That was pretty much all I’d been able to do. Not only was it the best living situation possible for me, but at that point I was getting so comfortable in those bands and playing so many shows a year, that the idea of just playing for fun just wouldn’t seem big enough at this point. That’s when we got together and recorded a couple albums, and were doing our own thing when we went on tour in Japan with C.C. and the B-52’s and the Chupacabras…

I was kind of a lone wolf at the time, pretty much just playing live, traveling all over the world. We were all traveling around and playing shows. I knew I was ready for the spotlight.

So you had a really nice setup, with a lot of gear?

Yeah, we had a lot of gear: a lot of guitars, a lot of amps, a lot of pedals, and even some drum machines! Everything you need to have a great live act.

I think the one thing I always knew going into touring with that group was that I had to have at least some gear to just be the show and not just be a recording artist.

We had our stuff in the van, we had this thing called the “B-52”, which I’m glad I didn’t have so many of! But we still had this thing called a “Cad” which meant we’d go over to a guy in Japan and just give them a tour of the studio. We’d just play at these very

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