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November 26, 2020

We encourage guitar players of all ages to have access to guitar lessons to help with their knowledge and skill levels. We are unable to provide expert guitar lessons but we will teach you how to play along with the right teacher to give you the best possible experience.

What is the best way to learn how to play music?

Whether you’re learning how to play the guitar, or learning a new instrument such as drums for the first time, our students have all got similar skills and knowledge as we do. And that’s why we have been successful! Our teachers and students are all highly rated musicians with many years’ experience.
Best Free Guitar Tuner App - YouTube

How do I become a student?

We welcome all guitar players on our courses to join the course and have a full course with guitar lessons provided in a comfortable environment.

Please book one of our lessons at www.guitar-presents.co.uk/london. If you are interested in attending a professional guitar lessons our classes are available to be booked by emailing: info@guitar-present.co.uk

What are my fees?

Our fee schedule is:

Full price student: £60

Student: £12.50 (£9.00 booking fee)

Student with an infant: £10

Student with a young child (aged under 9 yrs): £6.50

Student: £2.50 (full class): £7.25

Student: £1.50

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Beware the Pals

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