What are the 5 basic guitar chords? – How To Learn Guitar For Beginners In Hindi

October 30, 2020

There are five basic types of chords in Guitar, with each chord being a unique sound. To see what each chord sound like, we’ll first look at the first 2 chords and then move onto the next pair of chords. Once you’ve mastered these two chords, you’ll be able to see the 4th type of chord.

There are two chords that sound similar, and they’re named as 6th, 9th, and 11th chords.

The 5 basic “chords”

Now, in an exercise known as The 5 R’s, we’ll try to create the first chord for these chord shapes.

To start, put your left hand on the first 2 chords of the 5 R’s chord scheme. Keep your right hand on the fourth chord which makes up the other 2 chords, and play the key you’ll be learning that will correspond to the 3rd and 6th chords from our previous exercise.

The chords are [3] and [6], hence the [chords] in the phrase R’s.

As you can hear, the 5 R’s chord schema is very simple and straightforward, however, it still has some depth.

Each chord above is comprised of four notes.

On the lower notes you’ll hear the “A” and “B” notes and on the higher notes you’ll hear the “guitar” notes.

If you’re unfamiliar with each of these notes, here’s a good guide





[B] and [E] don’t have notes.

They have a tone.

In this context, we’ll now explore these chord tones a little.

[E] contains a major 3rd chord which is just the 4th above the first chord, which is made up of the same notes found in the A2/B3 chord. The E note is a quarter note. Notice that the “G” and “B” notes are added before these chords and not in the middle of the notes they play against. Notice that G major chords usually have both the major 3rd and 6th in the same note, so this chord is usually played in the G4/C4 chord slot.

Lastly, this note is only in the fourth position.
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If you’re familiar with these notes, you’ve learned them already. [E] is just another way to refer

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