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November 3, 2020

Bb Major (or any E major) is generally the most used chord in songwriting. It has a pretty wide range of chords that are often considered the root of most songs – which is where you can find a lot of the power of a song. The chord you see written as “Dmaj7” and then Dm7 over E7 is commonly known as the “Waltz of Death” Chord.

Because there are so many different Dm7 chords, I have not gone into the technicalities of the chord (though if you are having trouble with a particular chord on guitar, don’t be afraid to ask your teacher for help). The most important thing to remember is to listen to as many chords as you can so you get a feel for when you need to switch between different chords.

Here are some popular chord choices for many songs.

Bb Major (or any E major) – the root chord in most songs

E Major – this chord is often the first chord to appear in most songs.

F – the dominant chord in most songs

Ab7 or Baj7 – which have other possibilities than the above listed choices

Other C7 Chords

7#11, 9#11, 6 #11, 5#11, 6#11, 13#11, 7#11, 11#11, 5#11, 7#11, 13#11 are all common minor chord voicings for a Dm7 chord in general.

This is the list of some other C7 chord voicings


b7, b7b7, b7b7

Cmaj7, Cmaj7, Cmaj7


m7, m7, m7, m7

7#11, Cmaj11, C#11


D7, Dmaj7, Dm7

Eb4b5, Eb4b5, Eb7, Eb7b7

Eb4b4, E7, Eb7, Eb6b7, Eb7b6


Em, Em7, Em, Em, Em, Em7

Em, Eb, E

E b4 b7b7, E7, Eb, Eb

Em, Em7, Em, Em, Em7, Em,

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