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October 31, 2020

Well, there are 3, so there are 2, and I am sure this would be even worse without a notation system and charts. But here is the way I’d do it.

Here, the “B” chord in the 4th position is a B♭ chord with an open chord to it, which is a B♭maj7 chord. This is the second chord I wanted to include on the page, but now I won’t. The other two are A and B, but both had the same root in the B chord. It is a different note in the A chord than the root note in the B– this is called an augmented chord.

If “A” is the root note in the B♭ chord, then this is the “B” chord. I use a C major chord (which I assume is the root note of A) to show that it’s the 2nd degree (also the 4th) degree and not the 2nd or 3rd degree. The 3rd degree is a minor 3rd or minor triad. You might also want to add notes in the third/4th degree, but don’t worry about that too much for now.

Here are the notes the “C” chord is meant to sound.

C Eb E C E B♭maj9 B Bm B♭4 C F B C C F

That’s all the ones I know to name. There may be others, so don’t hesitate to add any you know.

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