How long does it take to become good at guitar? – Learn To Play Guitar Fast And Easy

November 21, 2020

To become good at guitars — I am a little less certain than the other answers but, my guess is it’s not too long. You can go out and buy a guitar. You can pick a guitar up off the rack, play for a few hours, and have the confidence to play more than a few seconds. And then, I bet you I can have two years of guitar playing from when you get a guitar.

Are you trying to find out the answer to this question? Is it too late in the game to learn from the experts?

A lot of people that I teach are just beginners or intermediate or pros that are playing in a band right now, who were not necessarily in a band with somebody the other day. But when they’re around you and you play together, they’re always like, “Wow, I’ve never heard of that song!” A lot of times you don’t even make it into the band unless it’s your first song; you’re just kind of at the beginning stages of learning to play guitar. So, this is why a lot of the stuff I write is just for a couple of folks — a very casual conversation with someone.

That’s fantastic. When you’re not in the band, your time is all about learning on your own. What are you learning how to do that?

I can’t give specific information other than say I’m learning how to write on my own when I play. It’s very difficult, particularly in a recording environment, to be able to do that. That’s what I’m learning more frequently as I practice.

How do you feel this generation feels about guitar? Are we becoming more like the kids playing in this band, or are we becoming more like the students?

I think we certainly are becoming more like the student. The majority of the guys and the bands I play in are not musicians themselves. I haven’t met a lot of them, but I think that has influenced me a lot. I can look at how the students are making it, and they’re not trying to make a living. They are making this as a hobby.

Are any of these students getting jobs after that? Do any of these guys have band contracts?

There’s always a waiting period, but I think that we really got a ton of that out the first time.

And you can’t tell me they’re not getting something out of it.

But, that was a really good thing to

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