How do you play an F chord on guitar? – Is Bass Or Electric Guitar Easier To Learn

October 28, 2020

There is one way: It’s the same way you play a C chord: You slide up one fret by your thumb.

The only difference is this: you play it with two fingers. The first finger rests on one fret of the guitar, and the second finger rests on the second fret.

This makes an F chord pretty tough to play, since you’re playing two fingerings on the neck simultaneously.

The problem with the fingering for F chords is that there’s only a “short” finger rest on the first fret, which means that you can’t play the same F chord multiple times in the same bar.

To fix it: Play a C chord. Then slide up an F fret by your thumb. Do the same on the third fret, and so on.

If you take apart two chords in the same bar—A and D—you’ll see that their notes line up pretty well.

If you take apart two strings on the guitar, the notes are actually a little different, but they all look the same to you.


In an early song (perhaps “All Things Must Pass”), The Who started playing finger-flutes for F chords on the guitar.

By the end of the song, the chords had changed to E and C, but the chord order remained the same:

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