How do I pick a beginners guitar? – Best Way To Learn Notes On Guitar Fretboard Pdf

November 28, 2020

When you first start your guitar practice you’re going to have to pick a guitar. One of the best and cheaper ways to learn to play any guitar and guitar amp is to buy one. It’s not an option though to pick one you don’t like which means that you might find yourself constantly trying to switch between guitars. That’s definitely not what I want anyway so I have created a list of the top 12 beginner guitars that you can pick from. They are all great guitars that are perfect for beginning users, so it will be easy for you to pick one up once you find one suitable.

12 Beginner Guitars that You Should Get Now

1. Gibson ES 330 Les Paul Style ’69

If you were like me after you saw the ES 330 for the first time, it took just a minute to fall in love. It’s got killer tone and is great for beginners as it looks cool and can be taken from day one.

The first thing you’re going to notice is that the headstock of the ES 330 is a nice shape, unlike many other guitars, and that’s because it has a smaller profile. I find this to be a better option, especially for beginners as it won’t get into your hand, but also it’s a plus that won’t take too long to pick up. The guitar is extremely affordable around £250 – a bargain at this price!

2. Acoustic Guitar – Electric Guitar – Acoustic Guitar – Electric Guitar – Gibson SG

The Gibson ES 330 is still a great guitar for beginners as it’s just as good in its guitar-size and makes great sounding acoustic guitars all by itself. However my favourite guitars are the Estringer and the Gibson SG – I’d say that’s because of the Estringer having a different tone in comparison to the SG and the guitar being very comfortable to hold and play around with. Both these guitars, however, are also great for beginners as they have tons of great options, but the Estringer is my favorite. It’s a great looking, comfortable, inexpensive guitar to start with as there are many options for the ES range from small to larger guitar scales.

3. Gibson ES 330 Telecaster

The ES330 is an amazing starter guitar if you are a beginner and have yet to learn how to play acoustic guitar. The ES330 has great looking body and sounds great, but the big advantage I think this guitar has over many others is that it’s also a great beginner guitar

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