How do I learn guitar chords? – Learn Guitar Chords By Ear

November 30, 2020

To learn guitar chords, start with an existing chord. You can start with minor, dominant or major chords. If you are new to guitar, try learning them by ear or practice.

C major = E major

A minor = C major

A minor triad = A# minor

Dminor = A major

F major = E major

G major = F major

D# minor = G major

Try learning some of these chords as fast as possible.

The A minor triad is very easy to play. It’s just a single note – so you can be playing fast as you go:

B minor = C major

G minor = G major

D minor = D major

F minor = G major

E minor = E major

E diminished = D major
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A minor = D major

How to play guitar chords

The chords in rock & roll are often used as a starting point for songs, so in this section, I’ll give a general explanation for how to start playing guitar chords.

When you are learning a new guitar chord, play it as fast as you can. That’s the first and most important thing, but remember to keep practice and patience as well.

The easiest way to learn chord progressions is to learn them by ear! That is one of the best ways to learn guitar chords – you can practice them as fast as you want and you don’t need to worry about a scale – just practice playing a chord as fast as you can.

This means that you should start with scales. Here’s an A G major scale that you can use for this lesson:

B C D E F Am A G major 3rd 9th 5th 6th 3rd 12th 1st 3rd 6th C C E F Em

I’ve marked all the notes on this scale with the letter “A”. The scale we use in this lesson is a standard one, but just to give you an idea of how easy it is, just change the root notes of the A major scale. This B C D F major is B C D G# F# Ab A E.

Start by playing all the notes of this scale on the fretboard, then move to the chord progression we’ll be looking at now.

When you’ve played the chord progression you want, play those chord tones on the guitar again until you get a feel

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