Can you really learn to play guitar online? – Easy Songs To Learn By Ear On Guitar

September 9, 2020

You can, but there are also plenty of things you cannot. If you are starting for the first time, you are more likely to have a pretty good grasp of the guitar and of chords and scales than a more well-established player. There are also a whole lot of websites where you have a few days free to learn. If that is the route you choose, then you won’t have much of a choice about how much you can take.

For many of us who play guitar through the online channels, we need more than access to a small string ensemble or a few songs online. So we have to put in some real effort, a lot of it unpaid, to take a course. It doesn’t just involve picking up a sheet and playing one or two chords, it has to be something worth doing with an audience and a studio. And you will need practice and a good coach.

How much time do you spend doing your training?

The average amount of time is about eight lessons in, with the last three to five weeks being spent on a solo project (that doesn’t count the time you spend at the gym when you’re doing exercises on the go). This will take us to almost 11 months, or 12 days a week. This is far too often overlooked by those who think playing guitar is about guitar skills alone. When you go in for the first lesson, you’ll learn all the basics but your aim is to create a song to make your experience of the guitar far more rewarding.
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When you start learning a new musical concept, most of the time it’s not at the highest levels – that’s what you need to work on first. As you progress, though, you see more and more progress before you reach your natural ability. It’s like a marathon: the time taken to cover the course will increase as your mileage increases until you can actually run the full distance.

I read that you learn a new song by practicing it for one hour a day. Is that an accurate representation of how you go about your training?

That doesn’t sound right to me. If you want the best lessons, you should go for an hour a day (or even more) for more than one hour each day. But in order to be really good, you need to have a routine in which you can follow it very precisely. But that’s not really practical for a beginning guitarist.

You also say to start the training by paying attention to your guitar every day, right

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