Can I learn to play guitar at 65? – Learn Guitar Beginner Chords

October 18, 2020

Sure, you can, and the key thing to remember is that you’ll need to be able to learn to play the basic chords and solos quickly and that a solid knowledge of scales, arpeggios, arpeggios and chord progressions will be required.

It’s important to realize that the basic chords you’re learning, like the root position chords, are not the most important chord you’ll practice. Those are, however, the chords you’ll practice most often and the chord progression you’ll hear all over the world.

Learning to play more chords will, however, require a different sort of learning – one that builds a whole new way around your old chords.

When you play, you’re playing your mind. You’re thinking about the chord changes and the chords you’re playing. What is your progression going to look like? What are the chord changes you need to play? How do you get there? What is your bridge?

Now those chords you’ve developed are playing in your head. They’re not in your playing, and you don’t actually have any new vocabulary with which to play them.
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But that’s OK, for the moment. When you stop your playing and go back to learning the guitar, you’ll find something more. You’ll find you can add new words to your playing – words that expand the vocabulary and open the way for you to play more chords, new sounds and ideas on your instrument.

In other words, you’ll be able to play new songs. It’s not a secret. But it’s an idea that will take you more along the road of progress. And just like anything else we practice (or that will be practiced), that road will be as much a journey as it is a smooth and pleasant one.

And it all starts with a little practice in your free time. If you can find at least five minutes a day to make it a habit, you’ll have a powerful foundation to build more quickly.

You’ll also, when the chips are down, you’ll learn much more than those other things you’re thinking of learning as part of this journey.

To help you make those first steps into what could be a new sound on your instrument, we’ve created a guide to learning to play guitar at all levels.

You can get started at any level on any scale or scale group you’re comfortable with – and there are no time limitations.

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