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September 30, 2020

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“A lot of guitarists don’t play very long,” she says. “A lot of them play the same seven-to-eight songs a day, just like the music. It’s hard for the young guitar players not to stay on the same song for eight hours. If I have to stop the show, I’ll do the same thing. There’s such a thing as too much. It’s a lot. Even if you’re playing a song that has a melody that isn’t that catchy and catchy and you want to do another one, but that song is a thousand years old, a thousand years, so I can’t. I can’t play the melody that I’m singing.”

In the case of The Magic Whip, it’s the melody from the fourth verse, and the lyrics come through five minutes into the song, which is just what is expected of a band that is already on time on the road.

“The band is supposed to be on time all the way to the first show,” Taylor says.

Even for a band that has built a loyal following through hard touring, the grind of tour follows them. They may be known for making great records, but it’s no secret Taylor and her bandmates aren’t always thrilled when they need to take a week off to recuperate. This, by most accounts, is Taylor’s experience on her 2011 tour that included stops in Chicago and Toronto. This time around, she was with the band for three weeks prior to their tour in Australia and New Zealand.

But Taylor also says, “It’s not like we’re taking a week off from touring, we’re not taking a week off from writing, we’re just taking a week off from touring.” And if anything, she says, the schedule is tighter now, even though the band has been touring for so long.

“We have to write songs like they’re coming out of a vat. We’re writing two or three songs on a song, but we have to go and do a show the next day, so we just can’t get in a groove,” Taylor says.

“There’s no good reason for a band to do that,” she says. “And the bands get so sick of it, they just want to stop touring.”

That brings us to why Taylor will never, ever change the schedule of her tour, no matter what.

“I believe it and I’m glad to say because now when there’s no shows

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